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So, you’ve settled on a place to travel to, a wonderful country in Scandinavia. Be it for a holiday or for a gap year travelling experience, Scandinavia has lots of exciting things to offer. Scandinavia covers a multitude of countries which you can visit. To fully enjoy any holiday, one of the most important things is to pack the right things! You don’t want to be caught out by cold-weather, or boiling heat without the correct apparel and items to adapt.


Being caught out can ruin any holiday no matter how meticulously planned the rest of it is. If you don’t have any of the correct belongings with you, buying items can be expensive abroad. It can also distract you from all the activities you have planned!


The Weather in Scandinavia can vary massively. Scandinavia covers different countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. All these countries have slightly different climates to each other. And as anyone will know sometimes that weather can be unpredictable!


As a general rule, the Scandinavian countries are mild but bordering on cold. In the summer, however, temperatures rise. This can cause it to become very warm in some countries. This can happen in countries such as Finland which is generally warmer and more humid than Sweden and Norway for example.


It is always best to check country specific climate information and weather reports before travelling to be on the safe side. So, with this in mind, what sort of things should you bring for a fun-filled summer in Scandinavia?


Style and Fashion


You can pack any style of clothing that you chose. It is your holiday so enjoy it! but, if you wish to blend in with the locals then go for more of a minimalist look. Obviously, it is still an individual choice. But the pattern seems to be that locals of Scandinavian countries prefer neutral colours and simple patterns. Clothing that is minimalist with clean lines.


This style is pretty good for a travel wardrobe anyway as it will be light and cool for summer. But also versatile and can be layered if it gets colder. Any clothing that you choose should be weather suitable. Check the weather before travel and pick colours and outfits that go with it. Such as, don’t pack all black warm clothing if there is going to be weeks of warm weather!


Daytime and Nightlife


There are so many things to see during the day in Scandinavian countries. Whether you are into museums, art or the wonderful outdoors, there is something for everyone. If you intend to spend most of your time outdoors then get the correct shoes. Activities such as hiking and visiting Fjords will require you to have

appropriate footwear and to make sure you pack a decent raincoat.


Whilst keeping your outfits functional for any activities you intend to do during the day, don’t forget to pack a good outfit for the night.

Most clothes will be suitable but you don’t want to risk being turned away for not being dressed correctly.


A lot of Scandinavian countries experience tourists throughout the year. Because of this, there are a lot of places to eat and drink. There are countless quality restaurants, bars and even a few clubs that are a must visit. Again, these all depend on the country you wish to travel to so always check on travel review sites for the best places to go.


Packing list essentials


Below is a basic list of essentials to take with you, this is by no means a comprehensive list. Bare in mind it depends on the weather and the length of time you travel there for.


A raincoat– whilst it may look like its going to be hot and humid for the duration of your visit, still be prepared for a shower or two. If you don’t want to pack a raincoat then consider an umbrella


Sensible footwear- if you intend on hiking or exploring in nature then invest in a good pair of walking boots that are lightweight. Even for relaxing and walking around the city you will need a good pair of shoes or two for sun and rain


A hat- that can be used in the sun but also if the temperature drops


A fleece or a jumper– nights can be cold and if it rains or the weather turns this is very useful


An outfit for dining out or going on a night out


Beach and pool wear– there are beaches and some natural pools to swim in and in warm weather, this is a highlight! Don’t miss out and remember to pack some sunscreen


  • Light and practical clothing for daily wear


Bug spray– there will be mosquitos and other bugs that bite! Bug bites are itchy and unsightly and can be easily avoided by using bug spray


Travel towel and toiletries


A small bag– for a camera and any other essential items


A sleep mask– in the summer months, the nights can be incredibly light and if you are not used to this it can take some adjusting.


An adaptor- travelling and going on holiday is great. You get to experience a multitude of different things. So, in order to be able to take photos and keep these memories remember to get a travel adaptor for your electronic devices.


Another thing to note is that Scandinavian countries have a reputation for being expensive. There is a reason for this which is that they are. Try to pack for every eventuality so that you don’t have to buy any essential items while there. This will help you save your money for all the fun and exciting things you want to do.




The weather in Scandinavian countries can change drastically and can seem to cover all seasons in one day! In order to stay on top of this try to pack clothes for any eventuality. Be it warm, cold, rainy or snowy. Packing for Scandinavia is by no means simple. Especially given the range of activities available to you to explore. the most important factors to consider are the weather, sleep, travelling light and avoiding bugs!


This guide is basic and aims to give an overview of things to look out for and what to expect to try and prepare you for Scandinavia. It is not comprehensive and there are potentially other factors. However, the most important thing is to follow a basic guide and make sure to enjoy the beauty of Scandinavia.