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Denmark is one of the most popular Scandinavian nations for foreign tourists. People flock to its capital, Copenhagen, by the thousands every year.


Many of them will visit the same sites; the Little Mermaid statue, Legoland, Kronborg Castle, etc. These attractions are popular for good reason but some travelers are looking for something a bit farther off the beaten path.


We have collected a list of ten of the most unique experiences in Denmark.


1- Sail On A Viking Ship


The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is an attraction whose like you may not find anywhere outside of Scandinavia. The only other similar museum is in Oslo, Norway.


The museum itself is well-known among locals and travelers but it features a lesser-known experience. From May 1st to September 30th, you can sail up the Roskilde Fjord on a reconstructed Viking ship.


When your voyage is complete, make sure to check out the crown exhibit of the Skuldelev ships, (five Viking ships that were excavated in 1962). This is a truly unique experience and suitable for all ages.


2- Bike Trip


Denmark is a bike-friendly nation in every sense of the word. Travel by bike is promoted in major cities as well as the countryside via established bike paths and popular bike rental services. Copenhagen was voted the ‘Best City for Cyclists’ but your cycling opportunities extend far past the city borders.


Denmark is one of the only countries in the world that has a bike path that traverses the entire nation.


While you are visiting, especially if your trip is during the summertime, take advantage and experience the natural landscape by bicycle. Many tourists choose to cycle by day and camp by night by renting a “cargo bike” which makes it possible to transport everything you need to set up camp.


3- Fishing Excursion


During your visit, you will notice that the culture and cuisine of Denmark are heavily influenced by its proximity to the ocean. It is made up of one large peninsula and over four hundred islands so seafood is a staple of Danish cooking.


Few people visit Scandinavia to fish, but the opportunities and excursions offered there are completely unique.


Guided fishing trips are available all over the country and in all seasons. You can take a day-long fishing tour off the eastern coast during the summertime or try your luck in the Jutland region in the winter.


4- ARos Museum


The ARos Museum is a world-renowned art museum just outside of Copenhagen. Museums are typical fare for international tourists but this one features a truly unique installation.


Your rainbow panorama by Ólafur Elíasson is a massive circular walkway that was constructed on top of the ten-story-tall building. The walkway is open to the public and features massive windows in the colors of the rainbow. The glass offers an unobstructed but surreal view of the surrounding area. This interactive art installation is permanent and located on the museum’s open rooftop terrace. It is a must-see for art lovers and novices alike.


5- Rent a boat


If you would prefer to relax and take in the sights and sounds of Copenhagen on your own, you should rent a boat. There are many waterways that wind through the city and on them, you will find locals and tourists alike.


You do not need to have experience or a license to rent one. For those that are still fearful of taking on that kind of responsibility, you can rent a Duffy boat that comes with a professional operator. These boats are rented by groups for parties, nautical picnics and relaxing with drinks.


6- The Øresund Bridge


The Øresund Bridge was built to connect Denmark and Sweden via the Øresund Strait. Bridges are not typically something you go would out of your way to see, unless if you are an architectural enthusiast.


This bridge is one of the great engineering marvels of the world. It is part bridge and part railway but its novelty lies in the fact that it travels through an underwater tunnel. Many visitors take the trip to Sweden just to experience the drive.


The bridge ends at a small island where the road abruptly disappears under the water. It is a remarkable feat and is worth crossing the border.


7- Meeting Of The Seas


If natural wonders are more your style, seek out the natural phenomena that occurs off the coast of Skagen. Grenen is a sandbar in the Jutland region of Sweden, (northernmost area), and it is here that you can witness the meeting of the North and Baltic Seas.


The Skagerrak strait and Kattegat Sea come together at the end of the long sandbar. Each body of water contains a different level of salt which makes it difficult for them to merge. The line where they meet is clearly delineated and makes for an astounding image.


Grenen is also home to a large variety of birds and sea mammals. Every year it is home to an international bird watching festival to highlight the migrational patterns of various birds of prey.


8- Vor Frue Kirke


Vor Frue Kirke, (The Church of Our Lady in English), is the main cathedral of Copenhagen. The plans for its building began in 1187 under the direction of Bishop Absalon. Its construction was completed in 1829 but it has not been used as a church since the mid-twentieth century.


The cathedral was converted into a museum and is home to many music festivals and performances. The vast interior, neoclassical architecture and acoustics make for an incredible experience. Live music and DJ’s are hosted every Friday and are free to the public.


9- Cisternerne


Cisternerne, or The Cisterns in English, is an underground museum in Copenhagen. It is located in an underground reservoir that used to hold the city’s water supply but was put out of use in 1933. It has since been converted into a museum and art exhibit space.


This attraction is the definition of off the beaten path. Slightly macabre and very unusual everyone visiting Denmark should make time to see it.


10- Bakken Amusement Park


Dyrehavsbakken, better known as Bakken Amusement Park, is located in Copenhagen and is one of the city’s prime attractions. It was established in 1538 in the center of a vast forest.


The forest is still intact and its unique location not only adds to its beauty but means there are thousands of deer roaming the park. Bakken is the oldest amusement park still in use; its roller coaster is 82 years old! What it lacks in giant steel roller coasters, it makes up for in wildlife, games, and rides for visitors of all ages.




The nation of Denmark is one of the most unique landscapes in the world. Its islands and peninsula are made up of flat land and surrounded by sandy beaches. It is home to incredible art, mind-bending architecture and music festivals that draw crowds from all over the world. T


here are opportunities for adventure on the high seas, to see natural phenomena occur in real time and to learn about the rich history of the Vikings. Whether you travel for play, enrichment or relaxation, Denmark has something for everyone.